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We don’t want to give you fillings

Preventative care

Oral health is a journey we take together. At Oak End Dental in Gerrards Cross, you’ll get to know your dentist, and they will get to know you. After your initial assessment your dentist will recommend any treatment to bring you up to optimum health. Your dentist will then provide information and training for maintaining your oral wellness, so you have a healthy mouth for life.

After your initial oral health assessment our dentists will recommend and give you specific preventive advice, offer you necessary treatment, and restore your optimum oral health.

At all times you will be provided with information, education and training for maintenance of your oral wellness. To maintain and ensure your progress, everything you and your dentist discuss will be stored in your personal health passport.

Reboot your oral health

Restorative dentistry

We focus on preventative care, but excel in restorative dentistry. With proper guidance and maintenance there’s no reason your teeth should require treatment, but with new patients it’s sometimes it’s necessary restore mouths back to full health.

At Oak End Dental we pride ourselves on performing painless treatments to the highest quality. After an assessment and X-ray, your dentist will go through any treatments required and provide you with all the information you need to make the best choices.

Caring, gentle & understanding

Putting nervous patients at ease

The whole team at Oak End Dental have extensive experience with nervous patients. We have regular training to ensure we engage and understand our patients. Our team takes time to understand your concerns and help find the best possible solution for you, so you always feel comfortable and receive the very best dental care.

We will do our best can to make your experience a positive one. After your oral health assessment, we will discuss all your options and formulate a specific treatment plan centred around you. Our experienced team will schedule specific appointments, so you have time to build confidence and trust.

For exceptional cases sedation and other methods are available, but your dentist will help you understand everything, so you can make the best choices for your health.

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